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Complementary and alternative medicine plays a crucial role in human health. Pressure point therapies/acupressure, which has been argued to originate from ancient China, have been established to possess significant therapeutic potential against many ailments. Acupressure is based on muscular tension release by applying pressure on acupoints to balance physiological therapy (Mehta et al., 2017). Based on the Chinese medical theory, the body has acupressure points that can be found along meridians in the body, facilitating the flow of vital physiological energy/ life force referred to as the qi. In acupressure, physicians use their feet, thumbs, palms, fingers, or feet to apply pressure acupoints, thus restoring health and balance.

 Acupressure can be incorporated in nursing practice for pain management. For instance, preliminary studies indicate that acupressure is effective in managing low back pain and headaches. Consequently, acupressure has been identified as useful in managing cancer symptoms and side effects caused by chemotherapy, including pain and nausea, and helps with reducing stress. Nurses can also use acupressure to help patients suffering from arthritis. Acupressure has been established to release endorphins that promote anti-inflammatory effects. Acupressure also helps with relieving pain emanating from menstrual cramps and muscle tension (Wong, 2020). Nevertheless, when seeking chiropractic health intervention, individuals with cancer, diabetes, heart disease, fractures, osteoporosis, and uncontrolled blood pressure should seek medical advice before trying it.


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