Complementary and Alternative Health DQ 1 week 4 student reply Yanet garrido

The following is from another student that i have to reply. 

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 DQ #1: How do chiropractice practitioners view health and illness? 


Chiropractic practitioners have a different view of health and illness. This is because they rely entirely on a therapeutic system that is mainly focused on the body structure when basing at the spine. This indicates that the chiropractors alter the body alignments so that there are a pain relief and functionality improvement to aid the body healing process by itself. 

Additionally, since the leading practice for a chiropractor is the manipulation of the spines, the chiropractic care also entails other things, including manual and altered therapies, postural exercise education and the ergonomic training.  Most of these chiropractors work together with other medical practitioners including doctors, pain experts and surgeons, to relieve pain onto an individual. According to research, it is significant to note that chiropractic therapy is primarily focused on the spinal manipulation of lower back pain (Gliedt et al., 2017). According to the American college of physicians, manipulating the spine together has to be accompanied by health and acupuncture. Besides, the use of chiropractic treatment is also one way of relieving other musculoskeletal related pains. 

Furthermore, when basing at the spinal manipulation, there has been a high reporting of complications, including stroke, which is primarily influenced by spinal manipulation of the neck. This is a rare phenomenon. This indicates the spinal manipulation is one of the kinds of therapy that have been used in the therapeutic movements (Wong et al., 2020). This is often accompanied by a quick and intense pressure on the joints underlie between two vertebrae of the spine.


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