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The adolescence is a difficult stage in the lives of any person, however at present is become a really nightmare in some case .We are living in a world that move to fast at some time we do not have time to stop and think carefully some decision in this scenario have a paramount role the program that we can apply in order to reduce the stress. With the teens is especially difficult because many of them not divulge theirs feeling. Middle school students can be entirely vulnerable to push due to the enormous changes they are encountering genuinely, inwardly, socially, and mentally during these years.

 According Weber,2019 they might be encountering stressors, for example, schoolwork load, a bustling timetable, peer pressure, test uneasiness, grades, picture concerns, absence of help, and changes in schedule. Even though many students experience worry, there are solid ways for guardians and understudies to create adapting procedures to oversee it. Guardians can help their kids by training them time the board abilities; guaranteeing they aren’t overscheduled; empowering rest, work out, and good dieting; observing parental weight, empowering outside play, and permitting the kid to have a great time(Weber,2019). Exist programs that uses peer advocate, this mean that we educate high school student about depression and fight again this disease. Also help to reduce the stigma about the people that suffer this disease and encourage people to find any kind of help.

The Peer-to-Peer (P2P) program, it uses a “peer advocate” method to educate high school students about depression and teach them effective methods to convey this knowledge to peers in order to reduce stigma, raise awareness and encourage help-seeking(Starkman,2018). This student advocate is selected by teacher, counselors, and nurses, they learn about techniques that help to reduce the stress and them creates different activities where they can use all that knowledge. Activities like teaching session, make poster about the fight against this disease, also create confidential way to express any kind of feeling or having yoga in the cafeteria of the school( Starkman,2018).This activities help Jamal to feel more confident and ask for help if he have any depression symptoms .


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