chronic health problem- rheumatoid arthritis -treatment plan


chronic health problem- Rheumatoid arthritis  

use Research Findings/articles and other evidence in Clinical Decision Making

Choose 2 Evidence Based Practice resources influencing the care for .

Discuss the similarities and differences that you read for those two EBP peer reviewed articles.

writing style at the graduate level, including all of the following:

  • Reviews topic and explains rationale for its selection in the context of client care.
  • Evaluates key concepts related to the topic.
  • Describes multiple viewpoints if this is a controversial issue or one for which there are no clear guidelines.
  • Assesses the merit of evidence found on this topic i.e. soundness of research
  • Evaluates current EBM guidelines, if available. Or, recommends what these guidelines should be based on available research.  Discuss the Standardized Procedure for this diagnosis.
  • Discusses how the evidence did impact/would impact practice.  What should be done differently based on the knowledge gained?
  • Consider cultural, spiritual, and socioeconomic issues as applicable.
  • Length: 6-7 pages, excluding cover page & references,
  • Format: APA Formatted, including citations and references
  • Research: citations required

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