Care of a Patient with an Esophageal

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Discussion Topic

Care of a Patient with an Esophageal Problem

A 58-year-old patient has undergone a Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication (LNF) for a hiatal hernia. Before discharge, you are preparing to teach the patient and family about self-management.

  1. For what postoperative complications will you monitor, and why could they occur after this surgery?
  2. What type of diet will the patient need to eat, and for how long will the diet be recommended?
  3. What types of activities will you recommend for the patient? Are there any restrictions on an activity that you should teach the patient?
  4. The patient will have a postoperative incision. What will you teach the patient about wound care?
  5. What type of follow-up instructions will you provide?

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