Bussiness Intelligence

Pick one item and explore – follow the APA format writing style. 


Below are 2 Post (A or B) topics, Pick one topic and answer the questions. The content will come from your own experiences, observations, ideas, benefits, and/or research. In-Text Citing should be limited to 10% to 25% of the Posts’ content. 


Sentiment (pp. 319-332):

Simply put what is Sentiment? How could a person or business greatly benefit from it?  

Thinking about Sentiment Analysis and Speech Analytics…

Pick a large company, which we might know (let’s say the top 500/1000 companies). How does a savvy company find ways to better to “listen” and improve their customers experience?  Add a reference link to support your findings. (here is a link example https://www.forbes.com/sites/alanhall/2013/05/17/listening-to-customers-yields-success/#55c079b67014 )


Both questions

Social media analytics (pp. 380-386) companies provide integrated support that is helpful to many parts of a business.  List and briefly describe the best practices in social media analytics.   And

Social Network Analysis (pp. 373-377) can help companies divide their customers into market segments by analyzing their interconnections. Why is this important? What are some of the benefits a company can use?

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