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Task 1: Considering that offenders (e.g., arsonists, active shooters; or may be negligent corporations, as what occurred with Grenfell Towers fire) use weapons and/or fire to harm the public, select ONE incident (e.g., Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Shooting) that occurred from 2009-2019. BEFORE YOU SELECT an incident, you must be sure that no one else is covering it. N.B. If you choose the same incident as someone else, you will not get credit. For this assignment, you do not have to use a high-rise building incident. BUT if you do not, you will have to ADD a few sentences to explain the risk assessment and effectiveness of LEA actions “if it was a high-rise building” knowing that these structures pose unique problems.

a. First, briefly describe who the offenders (e.g., active shooter), what weapons were used (e.g., bombs, automatic rifles) and the results (e.g., gunshots led to 59 dead and 527 injured, fire led to 168 dead and 680 injured).

[Use approximately 3 sentences and cite the news source you used]

b. Next, apply the 5 step risk assessment for the building (Craighead, 2009d) as outlined in chapter 4 [Please do NOT give definitions or describe each step, instead APPLY each step to the situation.]

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