Argument Essay

1.  Topic :  people shouldn’t be allowed to access social networks using the school Wi-Fi. 2.Must follow guideline (on file) 3. At lease 3 supportive sources. One must be from ( Turkle, Silver, Shirky, Browning, Kaplan, Tatum or Hudson on file)  4. At least 5 […]

performance management

Discuss what performance management is and how it influences effective teams. Review table 11.1, define leadership behaviors (in your own words) and note which behaviors are beneficial at specific organizational activities (example: project planning, leading coworkers, etc…).  Please note at least five organizational activities and […]

The United Kingdom Separation of Powers

The United Kingdom self-identifies as a parliamentary democracy with a constitutional monarch. As a democratic country, the UK has a separation of powers into executive, legislative, and judiciary branches. The judiciary branch is independent of the other two branches and includes magistrates’ courts, county courts, […]

Concept and Theories in Nursing 8

This week, you will develop a PowerPoint presentation reviewing the theories from each module. Please select one theory from each module (1-8) and answer the following questions. You should have two slides per theory: Describe the theory Provide 3 examples of how the theory applies […]

Organic Chemistry and Reaction Mechanisms

Synthetic production of alkyl Alkyl halides, popularly known as haloalkanes or halogenoalkanes, are chemical compounds comprising at least one halogane. Although there is no clear differentiation, they are a distinctive subset of halocarbons. The compounds are widely used in different industries and, consequently, are identified […]

Implementing a Cloud Collaboration Solution

  Write a 1-page paper describing some of the questions an organization should consider when evaluating a cloud collaboration service. Your paper should also: List the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing a cloud collaboration solution. Explain the difference between synchronous and asynchronous collaboration tools. Remember […]

The Arab Uprising by James Gelvin

The Arab Uprisings by James Gelvin is devoted to a detailed examination of the history of uprisings in Arab countries. The author organizes the narrative into a question-and-answer form and tries to highlight the causes of uprisings in the Arab world, describe the course of […]


  You will use Unfinished Nation by Brinkley, which you use in McGraw Hill Connect. Find a chapter in the textbook that gives you context for your topic. Cite it correctly, and write the annotation. Use the format Summarize  Assess  Reflect. Use the […]


   Detail a real or imaginary experience walking through an outdoor event or activity, such as a zoo, open-air market, festival, etc. You only need to develop one paragraph for this assignment, but it should include many sensory details and directional transitions. Start with a […]

Social Problem Final Essay

  After analyzing various social problems in this course, in an essay assignment (750-1,000 words), address the following citing three to five scholarly sources from the GCU library: First, summarize what you’ve learned regarding the impact of social phenomenon (for instance, social inequality, social deviance, […]

Descriptive Statistics in Business

Descriptive statistics, despite their simplicity, are quite powerful tools. These short ratios summarize any given data by central trend analysis or data distribution analysis (Logan, 2021). This approach allows one to obtain general information without the need for detailed analysis quickly. This is especially useful […]

Schizophrenia: Diagnosis and Treatment

Introduction The provided case contains sufficient information to diagnose the patient with schizophrenia. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI, n.d.), the presence of signs such as hallucinations, delusions, cognitive issues, and negative symptoms is a marker of developing schizophrenia. Based on the […]

Traditional American Apple Pie

Cultural works differ in shapes, colors, and tastes and represent anything meaningful to a nation. Many cultures are associated with a specific food that has become conventional long ago. Food is interesting to view from a cultural standpoint because it usually reflects historical events. Traditional […]

“Flight from Conversation” by Sherry Turkle

Digital technologies altered people’s lives tremendously, making them more comfortable and safer but less human. Indeed, mailboxes overflow with messages, and notifications from multiple smartphone apps appear on screens every minute. The 2012 essay “Flight from Conversation” written by Sherry Turkle discusses the dilemma of […]

Anaconda Operation Analysis

Introduction Anaconda was a military operation carried out by an international coalition led by the United States of America against the forces of the terrorist organization al Qaeda in Afghanistan in March 2002. One of the most significant and famous operations of the global war […]

essay due in 40 mins

environment source  Respond to one of the two prompts.  Submit your answer to BOTH this Quiz AND the Unit I Essay Assignment upload for your question (Unit I Essay / Question A or Unit I Essay / Question D), which you can access from the […]

Eco Map and Spiritual Life Map Assessment

While eco maps provide individuals with a visual representation of their connection with their family, friends, and colleagues to the external world, spiritual life maps provide illustrate their spiritual assessment, planning, and interventions. People make many associations throughout their lives and may easily forget about […]