Nurs 6052

Need help with Weeks 2 and 3 Evidence based project…   Assignment: Evidence-Based Project Is there a difference between “common practice” and “best practice”? When you first went to work for your current organization, experienced colleagues may have shared with you details about processes and […]

Uppsala Model in Internationalization Decisions

Internalization is the process of businesses entering international markets. It is a crucial strategy for companies that strive to increase their influence and revenue globally. Different companies consider various internalization models to reach the highest degree of sustainability in different cultures and industries. Several internationalization […]

English 1302

My story is Sweat by Zora Neale Hurston. You’ll have to submit 2 documents: a 1100+ words essay and a outline. Use at least 3 college level printed sources or can use dcccd database to find sources link:- . I would like you to […]

Social Justice in Nursing Practice

Introduction Since hospitals are social institutions, nurses must be aware of social justice issues affecting their society and places of work. One specific topic of social justice that influences nursing is inequality in healthcare access. The American Nurses Association (ANA) has created a code of […]

Module 3 – Case Project 3

Case Project 6-1: Enumerating Systems on the Alexander Rocco Network After conducting enumeration of the Alexander Rocco network, you discover several Window computes with shared folders for the Help Desk Department. You’re concerned when you access one of the shared folders containing information for help […]

Meaning of Alcoholics Anonymous

Introduction By way of definition, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) can be referred to as a fellowship of individuals who have decided to solve their drinking problem. Alcoholics anonymous group invites people from all over the world to come and experience what they believe would change their […]

Consumer Behavior

    While at a discount shoe store, a customer asked the clerk, “I see that your shoes are ‘buy one, get one free­—limit one free pair per customer. Will you sell me one pair for half price?” The clerk answered, “I can’t do that.” When […]

Female Population of India

Introduction It is hard to disagree that it is essential for humans to be aware of cultural differences and know how females are treated in various areas. Such a knowledge allows persons to learn how their own counties can be improved. The area selected for […]

Employee vs. Independent Contractor

Employee v. Independent Contractor: First Draft Due: March 28, 2021 at 11:59:59 PM Maximum Points: 100.0 The purpose of this assignment is to identify laws and federal regulations governing employment. Consider employment laws, tax laws, and regulations governing employment. Focus on the distinctions between independent […]

Chapter 27 week 5

  Please answer ONE of the following DQ’s.  Please provide the questions that is being answered as the heading.  Incomplete answers will be marked as “0.”  APA style and 3 references. Chapter 27 A patient with chronic bronchitis is brought into the emergency room with complaints […]


Each Minor Body Paragraph shd contain at least 1 quote, 1 paraphrase or 1 personal experience ,1 data or 1 explanation)=( We can pick any of these mentioned earlier, Just for the total to be 2 sentences) in Each Minor.  And this rules apply to […]

theatre essay

Please write in the space provided and on the backs of these pages.   Choose two of the four essay questions, one for each play, supporting your argument with specific information from the play.     1.      Moliere’s Tartuffe is a comedy, but was condemned and criticized […]


  Recall from the chapter on the central nervous system (CNS) that the general senses detect such stimuli as touch, pain, and temperature. General senses refer to the fact that these receptors are relatively simple and located throughout the body in both the skin and […]


Overview: Hospital administrators review accounts receivable schedules and reports to determine how much revenue is being received from various sources (i.e., Medicaid, Medicare, Anthem, self-pay from patients, and other third-party payers). Revenue from various sources is referred to as the organization’s “payer mix.” In this […]

Voting Rights in America to 1877

Introduction Politics has always been critical to American society and is integral to many social issues. One of them concerns voting rights, which have significantly changed over the history of the country. In America until 1877, many groups of people did not have the right […]


You have learned about budgeting strategies and how to effectively put a budget in place. You also have looked at how to create various budgets. For your discussion board post in week five please read case 9-46 on the bottom of page 412 in your textbook. Then in your […]

Loblaw and Empire Companies Inventory Analysis

Empire Company Limited and Loblaw Companies Limited are large conglomerates operating primarily in food retail. Consequently, both companies expand by utilizing corporate investments, including franchise subsidiaries in other industries. Nevertheless, the emphasis and areas of operations of the organizations slightly differ. According to annual reports, […]

The Sexual Identity: Adolescent Students

Social skills present an important element of students’ development and foundation of communication and relationships with others. There are three primary concepts of social development, one of which, the theory of mind, suggests that people can learn to read or understand other people’s mental states. […]

History essay

 Include an introductory paragraph, a body paragraph for each example, and a concluding paragraph For Options 1 and 2: Historians discuss the theme of American Freedom, American Slavery as one that accurately encapsulates the era that we studied (from the pre-Colonial era through the Civil […]

Aspects of Security in Workplaces

It was interesting reading through the discussion post on security in workplaces. Workplace violence cannot be better defined than with the OSHA, which is a regulatory body of the United States Department of Labor that is duty-bound to inspect workplaces and its workers’ security concerns. […]


For composition exercises two and three please write: 1. (format) a 500-word composition. Use Courier New, 12-point font and double space. 1. “The rich stay rich by acting poor. The poor stay poor by acting rich.” 2. “If you want a friend get a dog.” […]

gened proposal 1

Choose a topic that you would like to know more about and develop a research proposal that seeks to answer your question. The purpose of this is to apply the knowledge you have acquired over the course of the semester by establishing a thoughtful and […]

Strategic Management

Please read Case 11(C-147) part 4, case studies “Pacific Drilling: The Preferred Offshore Driller” and write a paper with a minimum of five APA formatted pages.  Please provide at least six (6) peer-reviewed resources in support of your arguments.  After your learnt about the case […]