A complete study of the brain and how it learns includes an understanding of brain function, anatomy, and stages of cognitive development. Knowing how the brain processes information allows educators to make informed instructional decisions to help learners construct knowledge, acquire skills, and develop thinking […]


Using the guidelines provided in this week’s chapter (and other resources as needed), create a step-by-step IT security policy for handling user accounts/rights for a student who is leaving prematurely (drops, is expelled, and so on). You will need to consider specialized student scenarios, such […]


There are different algorithms used to identify frequent itemsets in order to perform association rule mining such as Apriori, FP Growth and Mafia Algorithm. All algorithms have distinct advantage and disadvantages and need to be chosen given a specific data analysis problem. In your own […]

Reaction Paper

The Reaction Paper Assignment You will be writing a 1,000 word Reaction Paper in this course using the instructions and links found below. You will be completing the following tasks and gathering the following information for your paper: Watch the epigenetics video from PBS available […]


   1 page – 6/6 3pm PST  Summarizes the main concepts from the chapter, in your own words Write your personal observations on the piece, using at least 2 musical elements to describe your feelings and thoughts about the music


I need an speech outline with the format that it’s on the picture and also 3 annotated bibliographies for the same speech. i also added an example speech so you can guide yourself. topics i would prefer: The filter bubble depression on students or any […]


Your team has been charged with developing a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation to guide the new mentors. Creat 2 slides per bullet Add detailed speaker notes ane references  How would you present the program to the new mentors? What possible challenges will mentors and mentees face […]


  Learning Resources Note: To access this week’s required library resources, please click on the link to the Course Readings List, found in the Course Materials section of your Syllabus. Required Readings Zastrow, C. H., & Kirst-Ashman, K. K. (2016). Understanding human behavior and the […]

Post 1

( Please respond to the Discussion post )  Newborn Screening and Public Health Transformation Mandatory newborn screening in America has rapidly transformed public health and healthcare through the timeliness of test results.  The newborn screening is typically done 24-48 hours after the baby is born.  […]


Use only 50-words max per topic to discuss and present your answer.    The discussion questions this week are from Chapter 11 (Jamsa, 2013).You are required to use at least two-peer reviewed sources (besides your textbook) to answer the questions. Define software architecture. Define and describe […]

Healthcare Barriers

  Assignment Prompt   Choose a specific leading health indicator or disparity type within the Healthy People 2020 website (for example, AHS-1.1 Increase the proportion of persons with medical insurance) Respond to the following questions concerning the identified disparities to health within the Healthy […]

Cloud Computing Discussion 6

   Compare and evaluate in 500 words or more qualitative v quantitative risk assessment.   Use at least three sources. DO not Google. Include at least 3 quotes from your sources enclosed in quotation marks and cited in-line by reference to your reference list.  Example: […]


 How do students develop communicative competence using the six language arts? Find one peer-reviewed journal article to support 1 of the 6 language arts to support your response and the module readings. This response should incorporate your biblical worldview, and a citation of the article […]

Discussion + Research Paper

 Task 1: Research paper –  Develop a Computer/Internet Security Policy You have been hired as the CSO (Chief Security Officer) for an organization. Your job is to develop a computer and internet security policy for the organization that covers the following areas: Computer and email […]

Assignment and discussion

    Module 1 Discussion Question: Answer the following questions honestly – this is safe space to reflect and learn about topics we cover! Some students like to type their discussion post first in a Word document to check grammar, spelling and word count. Then they copy and […]

Discussion Question

 Describe the essential systems necessary to facilitate continuous change without compromising quality or causing burnout among employees. Describe three factors to consider when making sure that the changes made become permanently imbedded in the organization’s culture. 

Business intelligence

Carefully review and read both case studies found in your textbook from Pages131-132 and 182-184  Minimum Paper Expectations: Page Requirements:  The overall paper supporting both cases will include a minimum of “4” pages of written content. Research Requirements:  The overall paper will be supported […]

Access control – Discussion

Discussion 15-1 – Compare and contrast audit trail requirements or recommendations in various regulatory compliance frameworks (e.g., HIPAA, PCI, SOX, etc.).  APA formatting is expected for any references.  Initial posts due by Thursday end of day and two peer responses due by the end of the unit.  

In a 2-page paper

  Review and provide a  definition of informed  consent. What are the legal  and ethical aspects of  acquiring consent with the  older adult. Identify barriers  associated with consenting  the older adult. Discuss the ethical and legal  ramifications of the following  as they relate to the […]

Data visualization – paper

Use the internet to research and find one example of a data visualization each for categorical data, time-series data, and spatial data. Discuss the data set and the following topics. How effective is the visualization? Why? What elements would you modify? Does the example reveal […]

InfoTech in Global Economy

Agent Based Modeling can be used for introducing new technologies and for policy making and policy review.  Research and select an article (dated within the last 3 years) discussing the use of agent based modeling(ABM).  Using at least 300 words, discuss the article you found and […]


Review the principles and code of ethics of Journalism. Refer to the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) Code of Ethics website. Select an unethical dilemma within a news outlet that has occurred in journalism during the last five years where there were improper ethical decisions. The incident […]

Nursing Discussion

To support your work, use your course and text readings as well as the South University Online Library. As in all assignments, cite your sources in your work and provide references for the citations in APA format. Patient or lay person medical information portals such […]

post 11

please respond to this post. Understanding the immune system is important for public health professionals as they will be able to advise members of the public on the importance of maintaining healthy immune systems. Eating a balanced diet with vitamin C, D, zinc, iron and […]

Model 03 – HIV drug resistance.

   Biology 100 – Winter 2021 NAME: _____________________________ Highline College Evidence-Based Model 03 (Final Exam) – How does HIV drug resistance happen?  Scientists use explanatory models in order to be able to connect a series of ideas to explain how a natural phenomenon might work. […]

Informative essay (very easy)

You need to read a short article and watch a short video to write an essay about 3-4 pages. Please make sure no plagiarism!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will write an informative essay to answer this question: How do animals use camouflage to protect themselves? Use the information […]

APA Manuscript/Lit Review

For the final project, we will be conducting an experiment on gender and leadership. For this first component of your final paper, you will be submitting the title page,introduction, and reference page for the final paper. The following steps should be followed: 1. The first […]

Production and Service

 Introduction Have you ever wondered how all the items arrive on your table fresh, presented and cooked correctly at the correct time? If you think about this it can be a complex pathway from farm to table, from distributor to your food and beverage operation. […]

Discussion 4


Integrating Security

Information Assurance is a way of assessing the usefulness and effectiveness of a system’s security.    Please define the goals of an access control monitoring system. Describe the types of checks and balances that should be implemented into a network’s design to ensure that access […]

Week 2 Discussion

Week 2 Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, read Chapter 6 of the required text. Adolescence is considered a distinct developmental period. Discuss one issue that may be faced by an adolescent (e.g., bullying, eating disorders, suicidal ideations, depression, substance abuse, etc.). Explore […]


  Critical Thinking After reading the required resources for this week and participating in the discussion, how do you define critical thinking? You will want to carry this definition with you, so keep it brief – perhaps 4 to 6 lines. You will find many […]

Emerging Threats

For this assignment, review the article: Abomhara, M., & Koien, G.M. (2015). Cyber security and the internet of things: Vulnerabilities, threats, intruders, and attacks. Journal of Cyber Security, 4, 65-88. Doi: 10.13052/jcsm2245-1439.414 and evaluate it in 3 pages (800 words), using your own words, by […]

informatics week 7

Discuss your opinion about the potential benefits of social media in the area of healthcare. Do you know anyone who uses Facebook, Twitter, blogging, or other tools as a means of support for a particular health issue? What is your impression of the value of […]

Essay 2-3 pages APA Format

 Include 2 outside references of academic journals found in the online library, a  title and reference page DO NOT REWRITE QUESTIONS 2-3 pages minimum and does not include reference and cover page   Why are good written and verbal communication skills highly prized by employers? […]

Team Management

Discussion Conflict with Teams Part 1: Conflict within Teams Think of a conflict that occurred in a team you were a part of and analyze it. What were the main sources of the conflict? What interventions can be used to improve the quality of conflict […]

Quality of Healthcare

  Assignment: Reflect  upon the patient experience, patient safety, and healthcare cost as  well as Joint Commission’s role in quality healthcare. Write a paper  that addresses the following questions: How  would you apply the principles of the Triple Aim initiative to improve  quality, safety and […]

nurs521reply prompt2

reply1         Hi Maria It is a great post! I like how you explained the importance of organizational support and nurses’ role of  a patient advocacy. It is so true that organizational support empowers nurses to speak and act for the right of the patients. […]

Reply to my peers

Begin reviewing and replying to peer postings/responses early in the week to enhance peer discussion. See the rubric for participation points. Participate in the discussion by asking a question, providing a statement of clarification, providing viewpoints with a rationale, challenging aspects of the discussion, or […]