Assignment 2


Each brief represents your analysis of the assigned case. Each brief is worth 16% of your overall grade in the course. Grades for these papers will reflect a combination of form, logic, flow, grammar, spelling, APA format, and demonstrated understanding of principles. These case briefs of 4-6 [double spaced] pages each, when completed, should help your develop your critical thinking/analysis skills.

Reading and Resources
Missouri v. McNeely, 569 U.S. (2013) Retrieved from

Lesson 5 – Case Brief 2

Sabino, M. A., & Sabino, A. M. (2015). Warrantless blood tests, drunk driving, and exigent circumstances: Preserving the liberty guarantee of the Fourth Amendment while evolving the exceptions to the warrant requirement. Review of Litigation, 34(1), 27-117. Retrieved from

Utilize the Brief Template format provided. All attachments must be submitted in Word format. No other formats are accepted as all faculty may not be able open the attachment and thus not be able to grade it. If you see a numerical score of “1” for the brief, this indicates the faculty member was unable to open your attachment and you must resubmit your work in Word format for a grade. Your work is considered late and late penalties apply until your work is submitted in the proper format to faculty.

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