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Medication errors are the topic I am choosing for this discussion.  They are one of the leading causes of death; this shows the seriousness of this issue. Multiple studies estimate the death toll to be four hundred and forty thousand per year; a medication error is not recognized as a cause of mortality in the United States. (Sokolove Law Team 2020). 

The most significant data source will come from Qualitative and Quantitative data regarding Medication Errors. Interviews will be conducted to discover that medication error exists in many hospitals. When dealing with a medication error, it is necessary to consider the leading cause, how often the error occurs, and how to prevent it. Some leading causes of medication errors are negligence of duty by medical staff or inadequate training of medical staff, leading to medication errors while administering medical services to a patient. Patient surveys will be important when it comes to defining the scope. Self-reported patient ratings of many touchpoints must be captured throughout their medical care experience. Examples are staff response, clinician communication, technical competence, and hospital atmosphere, depending on the component of patient satisfaction assessed. Through the patient surveys, we will be able to know patient satisfaction while receiving treatment.

I will use predictive analytics to analyze the data. Predictive analytics can warn health care providers about potential dangers. By studying behavioral data, we can anticipate treatment success, potential hazards for chronic illness, and even self-harm risk. At the individual patient level, the health data obtained can be used for risk grading, readmission prediction and prevention, infection and deterioration prediction, and much more( Davidson et al., 2018).

On a much bigger scale, predictive modeling can be applied. Without these models, population health management is impossible. Outbreaks can be forecast, as can outcomes, and preventative actions can be done once we know what’s coming. Predictive modeling can even be utilized in administrative applications to boost productivity and reduce expenses (Davidson et al., 2018).


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SLT (2020). COVID-19 has surpassed medical errors to become the third-leading cause of death in the United States. Retrieved from https://www.slw.com/blog/ COVID-19 has surpassed medical errors to become the third-leading cause of death in the United States. 

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