Annotated Bibliography APA

you’ll be researching what qualities make the most frightening biological/scientific monster(s) and presenting that research via an APA-formatted annotated bibliography.

ou will need at least TWO web sources, at least TWO Academic Database sources, at least ONE print text source, AND ONE source from the Monsters text.  Thus, you’ll have at least six sources.

You’ll also attach a synthesis/argument page to each annotated bibliography—the directions are below. As always, see me if you’re stumped.  When you proofread, note that likely errors will involve:

  • vague pronoun use (it’s easy to craft sentences with a vague “they” referring to the maker of the film),
  • Passive voice (avoiding “they” can lead to really vague “scenes were added” types of statements),
  • Indefinite “you” (check for it and lose it—it will never be correct in an essay like this),
  • MLA v. APA.

for a cover page- answer the following questions in a paragraph each:

APA (most frightening biological/”real” monster)

  1. Why did you choose this particular creature? Is this a monster that terrifies most people, or is there something about it that you are particularly sensitive to?
  2. Globally speaking, how dangerous is this monster to humanity?
  3. Which part of the writing of this APA-based assignment was the worst for you, and how this experience has helped you understand the difference between research in the sciences and research in the humanities.

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