8310 Dis 2 week 7

The intent of a qualitative interview is to encourage, elicit, and illuminate the interviewee’s experience in rich, thick detail. Consider that most interviewees will only have a general idea of your research goals and the depth you need for analysis. Therefore, your presentation of the interview questions and engagement with the interviewee are the tools that guide the process.
As you consider your interview, think about:
• Asking of questions to ask to encourage stories and examples
• How to “reframe” questions to reduce ambiguity and bias
• What you can do to make the interviewee at ease
• What you can do to build rapport and trust
For this Discussion, you will examine the characteristics of a good qualitative interview.
To prepare for this Discussion:
• Review the chapters of the Rubin and Rubin course text and consider the characteristics of a good qualitative interview.
• Review the Yob and Brewer interview questions in Appendix A at the end of the article and consider how interview guides are used in research.
• Review the Interview Guide Instructions and the Interview Guide Example found in this week’s Learning Resources and use these documents to guide you during your interview.

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