3 prompt for history essay (500 each)

1.   Discuss the social, political, and economic factors that shaped the 1980’s and the rise of 

the “New Right”. 

2.   The year 1968 has often been considered a watershed moment in U..S history as various 

events that year challenged the systems of power and domination in U.S. Discuss how 

the social movements, both pre-1968 and post-1968 exuded the maxim: “The system 

becomes the target” in the United States. 

3.   The years between 1929 and the 1980’s would prove to be transformative for the role 

the federal government played in U.S. society. Discuss the specific ways the federal 

government evolved and attempted to address various issues in the U.S. throughout 

these decades.  

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