15 Pages Report about the Future of Fashion


Fashion System Project

Final Project

Format: Report 

 • The report should be between 14-15 pages with references and should include graphics and images to support your statements

Topic: The future of fashion

Part 1: Introduction
Give a current state of the industry

Part 2: Topics you should include in your essay

 Analyze how a shift in consumer trends, technology and sustainability are reshaping the industry.
• How do you think these changes will affect the fashion industry long term?

Ecological, social, global, economic concerns related to fashion

Sustainability: new responsible technologies: sustainable materials, investment in less environmentally damaging technological innovations that are less harmful to the environment. Second-hand market and cyclical fashion, integration, fair treatment and fair wages for employees throughout the production chain, and the production chain

Fast fashion: what will happen to fast fashion, what changes should be made to adapt to change?

Recycled clothing

Digital landscape: how covid accelerated digitization and how it is changing the way we sell, what will happen to physical stores, what changes must be made to adapt to the change? marketing strategies are focused on digital platforms, what will happen what will happen with department stores, the rise of retail.
• Do you think that certain roles or institutions will become obsolete? If so which ones and why?
• Do you think any new roles will emerge? What type of new roles?

New emerging roles (more technological roles such as engineers, game developers, graphic designers, digital marketing designers, graphic designers, digital marketing specialists… and the roles that are going to diminish, such as the role of salespeople who will be replaced by artificial intelligence.

Fashion seasons: fashion seasons will decrease, fashion shows will decrease, collections will be more versatile and will focus on presenting more classic pieces that will last over time.
• Select 3 brands, retailers or designers that you believe will not weather the new industry. What changes should they make to adapt?
• Select 3 brands, retailers, or designers that you think have innovative forms of retailing and explain why you think they are suited for success

Part 3: Conclusion
Provide a brief conclusion and closing statements

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