1-9.Go to http://pluralsight.com and search for a course you might be interested in taking. What is attractive to you about online versus traditional training?

1-10.What advice would you give executives at Pluralsight if they wanted to grow their business? How could they increase revenues?

1-11.Why would corporate clients be interested in online technology training for their internal employees? How would they benefit from paying Pluralsight for training?

1-12.Why is there a technology skills gap? Why do employers have the need for highly skilled workers, and why do too few workers have these skills?

1-13.How might a traditional university benefit from a partnership with Pluralsight? Why might some universities see such a partnership as a threat to their existence while others might see it as a great opportunity?

1-14.Suppose you were considering buying stock in Pluralsight. What types of threats might Pluralsight face in the future? Could a large tech company mimic its business model and threaten its profitability? How could Pluralsight defend against this type of competition?

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